In 2009, Felix moved into an industrial space in downtown Los Angeles and founded KTCHN LA as a home chef culinary school.  There he carved out a little piece of paradise, building out the gorgeous professional kitchen with his own hands and landscaping a garden retreat reminiscent of Giverny. Initially, opening as a Sunday brunch pop-up that summer was conceived as an attention getter for the school and to develop a wider awareness for his catering services. But as these things sometimes do, eating at KTCHN LA took on a life of its own and garnered a devoted swooning-foodie following as an underground dining spot.

With great response and demand for good breakfast in downtown Los Angeles, Felix created KTCHN DTLA. KTCHN DTLA is a roaming brunch popping up in downtowns under utilized restaurants every weekend. Currently our home is The Resident in the arts district downtown Los Angeles, open 7 days a week. 

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